Businesses targeted by burglars on Anzac night


Several Nelson businesses were targeted during a mini crime-spree on Anzac night and it’s left one local business owner so annoyed he’s put up a reward for information leading to their arrest.

The Car Company’s managing director Shane Drummond says he’s willing to offer a reward after his commercial yard on Rutherford St was broken into on Monday night. He says three laptops, tools, battery packs were taken, along with beer from the staff fridge.

“One of the staff arrived in the morning to find the window was open and the door was open yet no staff were here.”

Shane says they do have security cameras on site but they entered through a “blind-spot”.

“It looks like they’ve worn gloves as well because there are no prints.”

In Richmond on the same night, a rooftop burglar hit the Richmond Mall smashing through a skylight above Ambrosia Cafe and entering the premises using one of the mall’s roof walkways as a ladder on Monday night.

Ambrosia’s owner Mishael Sowman found the roof-top walkway still in place and the broken skylight when she arrived at the cafe at 6.45am on Tuesday.

“I was concerned that whoever did it was still here,” Mishael told “They didn’t take much – just a small amount of cash, six beers and some sweet cakes.

“They went to a lot of trouble for nothing. I guess they were after cash but we never keep much on the premises.”

Richmond Cars and Commercials was also broken into on Monday night, with documents taken and the alarm sounding. Co-owner Dan Fisher says they were only able to grab paperwork from his desk before running away.

While all these incidents happened on the same night, Shane says it far from isolated. On Saturday night his Tahunanui yard had several cars damaged when people threw rocks through the windscreens until they were spotted by a neighbour from an apartment in The Sands at 3.45am. Shane says they are currently searching through security footage at that site.

Taylor’s Cars in Rutherford St had two cars that were damaged when someone tried to break into them and there are reports of a stolen car from another car yard in Nelson.