Nelson MP Rachel Boyack with her new e-bike. Photo: Jonty Dine.

MP makes the electric switch


Nelson MP Rachel Boyack is putting her words into action as she makes the switch from car to e-bike.

Rachel has ditched the four wheels for two in a bid to reduce her carbon footprint.

Her new ride, from Nelson-based Hybrid Bikes, sports Rachel’s face and the Labour brand.

“I think it is a great opportunity to show that leadership, it’s about saying I am taking some action. When we tackle climate change, we need action at an individual, community, business and government level.”

Rachel says there will still be a car at home, however, she will use the bike as often as possible.

“My husband needs the use of a vehicle that doesn’t have my face on it and there will be times when I will need to travel with other people, but for my daily commute into the office and meetings around the city, there is no need for me to have a car.”

Rachel says she has been loving the feeling of the wind in her hair and zipping past the queues of traffic.

“The great thing is you still build up some fitness too.”

Rachel and the Labour government are actively encouraging more people to make the switch to electric. However, she is appreciative of fact a lot of people would like an e-bike but can’t afford it.

“I think that’s where the Government can potentially look at some policy, the challenge is the cost of purchasing a bike to start with, but we are seeing the prices come down.”

Hybrid Bikes owner Frank Witowski says they are becoming one of the fastest-selling brands in New Zealand and abroad.

His carbon fibre designs have gained international acclaim for their lightweight and carbon-friendly manufacture.

Labour recently announced a raft of measures to help meet New Zealand’s 2050 carbon-neutral target, create new jobs and boost innovation. It comes as the Climate Change Commission releases a report into how the country can achieve those goals.