Tasman roading policing manager, Senior Sergeant Grant Andrews, says motorists speeding on Waimea Rd are on police’s radar. Photo: Kate Russell.

Police to crackdown on Waimea Rd speeding


Nelson Police are looking to crackdown on motorists flouting the rules on Waimea Rd.

Speeding on the section that was changed to 50kmh from 70kmh, as well as motorists using the double lanes by Station Reserve as passing lanes, has prompted the move.

“It is on our radar,” says Tasman roading policing manager Senior Sergeant Grant Andrews.

“We’ve had some speed feedback signs along there, so we know that people aren’t adhering to the speed limit as well as they should be.”

The area in question runs 240m south of Market Rd through to 200m north of the Beatson Rd roundabout. Nelson City Council reduced the speed limit on the section of the busy road in mid-2019 due to safety reasons.

However, after one-and-a-half years, some motorists are still ignoring the rules, Grant says.

“We will be doing some speed enforcement up through there – it’s going to become a focus for us, and we want to get it sorted and make people aware of the issue before school returns.”

Police will be taking an educational approach at first – over the coming weeks they will have a presence in the area, monitoring people’s speed with lasers.

“We want to educate people first and hopefully the message will get through.”

Grant says people misusing the double lanes also needs to be addressed.

“People are using those lanes as overtaking lanes. They are not designed for that and it is causing some issues.”

However, council’s group manager infrastructure Alec Louverdis says they hope the issue will resolve itself when the new traffic signals come on.

“Driver behaviour at this section of Waimea Rd is expected to change when the new traffic signals become operational. The impact of the signals will be closely monitored, and any issues reviewed and addressed as necessary.”