Search results from Trade Me reveal what items Nelsonians are searching for this Christmas. Graphic: Nelson Weekly.

What do Nelsonians want for Christmas?


Nelsonians are wishing for caravans and outdoor furniture this Christmas, according to Trade Me’s top ten searches for last week.

In the past seven days, caravans have been the most searched for item on the internet trading site for the Nelson/Tasman region, with more locals eager to explore their backyard due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“This was followed by outdoor furniture, with Kiwis getting ready to entertain family and friends this summer,” says Trade Me spokesperson, Millie Silvester.

Next on the list were trailers and kayaks, followed by the trusty Toyota Hilux.

In sixth place were Keep Cups which make a sustainable Christmas gift.

Ride-on mowers, fridges, mountainbikes, and binoculars also made the top ten most popular searches.

Millie says, in the last seven days alone they have seen 61,000 searches for Christmas, nationwide.

Christmas trees have been searched for nearly 19,000 times in the past week and iPhones racked up 24,000 searches.

“With the weather warming up, lots of Kiwis are looking for an outdoor adventure this summer, with 31,000 searches for kayaks, 13,700 searches for surfboards, and 22,400 searches for mountainbikes.

“For little ones, Lego and trampolines are popular options, seeing 14,000 searches and 16,700 searches, respectively.”