Nelsonians have been rushing to the shops to make sure they don’t miss out on present buying. Photo: Erin Bradnock.

Stock runs dry amid Christmas rush


Nelson shoppers are being cautioned for disappointment as people flood retailers ahead of Christmas only to find huge delays in getting stock in due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With just over two weeks to go until Christmas day, shops are dealing with logistics issues in getting shipments from overseas, particularly China.

That means that stock may run dry the closer it gets to the big day.

“We are saying that you can’t be picky,” owner of Beggs Musicworks, Tim Begg, says.

“And if you want to be picky, you’ll have to be patient.”

But that might see you waiting months for your order.

Tim says some people understand the situation that every retail outlet is in.

“But some obviously don’t read the media. I’ve been doing this for 35 years and it’s never been this bad. It’s a little frustrating but we can’t control it.”

He says, whether you are wanting a TV, a dishwasher or a tennis racket, everyone is in the same boat.

Despite that, however, he says sales are strong.

“Soon you will be walking into an empty shop. If you want something for Christmas, I wouldn’t be hanging around.”

It’s the same situation for local bike shops who are seeing orders being placed for e-bikes that won’t be delivered until August next year.

“If someone can find me some more bikes, I would definitely take them,” says Evo Cycles assistant manager Matthew Knight.

He says e-bike sales have skyrocketed as people discover the efficiency of using them to commute to work.

Matthew says things like scooters and kids’ bikes have been very popular, though they might not have as many colours as they would like.

Owner of Crackerjack Toys, Tahae Lowe, says they knew there was going to be an issue this time of year so they ordered large amounts of stock early.

“We made an effort to buy extra and hold onto it, just to make sure we had it.”

But still there are some issues with specific toys, like Lego.

“The biggest issue isn’t getting the stock, it’s just that it’s stuck on ships trying to get into Auckland.

“The main one we have found is Lego shortages. They have been up front about it but there is only limited ability to get certain stock in.”

Prue Thomas of Audiophile says it’s an issue facing all retailers.

“We have stocked up but if we don’t get stuff in the new year then we will run out. Hopefully, by then they will have it sorted.”