Raewyn Robertson and her dog Poppy. Photo: Kate Russell.

Nelson’s popular and wacky dog names revealed


Move over Rover, Fido and Spot – Poppy, Bella and Charlie are the new top dogs in Nelson.

The city’s most popular dog names for 2020 have been revealed by Nelson City Council, with Poppy taking out the top spot.

There are 66 Poppys in the city, with the next most popular names being Bella, Charlie, Max and Ruby.

Rounding out the top ten are Jess, Buddy, Lucy, Millie and Coco.

Raewyn Robertson, who owns a one-year-old Maltese cross called Poppy, says it was the name her previous owners chose for her.

“We decided to keep it. We think she’s a real little Poppy.”

Pops or Pop Pop are her nicknames.

“But we also call her Popsicle – because she’s a bit of a licker.”

Soon, Raewyn will also have a dog with the second most popular name in Nelson – Bella.

“We’re getting her next week, she’s an eight-week-old Yorkshire terrier.”

Overall, there were 5779 dogs registered in Nelson this year with many dogs with one-of-a kind names, such as Loki Agent of Chaos, White Tummy, Teddy Monster, Roly Poly and Luna Lovegood.

There are also pups called Mr Snoodles, Sup, Red Dog, Dropbearronperlman, Emilia Noseheart, Miss Bling, Moustache and Fritz Withers III.

There are plenty of food inspired names too, including Tofu, Peanut, Honey, Sausage, Pavlova, Pesto, Muffin and Jellybean.

Some chose a beverage inspired name, with Pepsi, Coffee, Speights, Juice and Heineken all making the list.

The always-popular flower names are there too, including Daisy, Poppy, Lily, Violet and Marigold.

Council’s group manager environmental management, Clare Barton, says they estimate that 95 per cent of all dogs in Nelson are registered.

“This demonstrates that Nelsonians are good dog owners who take responsibility for their pets. For those few owners who haven’t registered yet, we urge them to do so as fines can be issued for unregistered dogs.”

This year, council opened the Marsden Valley Dog Park, a dedicated space for dogs to play and run, off their leads.

“We are delighted at the positive feedback received so far about the park, both from dog owners and non-dog owners who are seeing benefits from safer walking areas due to dogs being more likely to be on their leads in their neighbourhoods.”