Jared Rameka-iti and Mike Carmody from SOTA RV are working round the clock to meet the rise in demand for caravans. Photo: Supplied.

Local motorhome sales boom


Local motorhome sellers have been swept off their feet to meet rising summer demands post Covid-19.

Vern Walker from Nelson Caravans has been working seven days a week to get new motorhome owners ready for summer.

“At the moment we are chock-a-block. Those wanting caravans for Christmas are probably too late,” says Vern.

Vern says he’s seen the interest grow for motorhomes over the years but, because of Covid, there’s been a sharp rise in demand and not enough supply.

“We rely on stock from the United Kingdom, so when they went into lockdown for six months, we went into lockdown. They can’t build enough caravans to meet the worldwide demand.”

Vern says they also have stock sitting in ports overseas, which has been frustrating.

“We’ve got a lot of stock sitting dormant, unfortunately.”

Jared Rameka-iti from SOTA RV says they’re practically booked out until June of next year.

“Even if we had the stock, they’d all be gone,” says Jared.

Jared and Mike Carmody from SOTA RV have been operational from June 2019.

Due to Covid, Jared has been full-time selling caravans and was able to leave his other work as an auto electrician.

“Since June of last year, we’ve had three years’ worth of sales in just that short of a time,” says Jared.

He says that the type of people buying caravans has changed this year.

“We’re seeing more families and younger people interested in caravans.”

Steve Smith is one of these locals who has recently invested in a caravan and is now looking forward to spending most of his summer days travelling the country in his new motorhome.

“It was something we’ve been looking into for a while, we were just on a mission to find the right one.”

Vern’s advice for anyone hunting for a caravan is to act quick.

“It really doesn’t matter what brand you’re after; everybody is in the same boat and everyone here is working hard.”