Keshia Linyard’s Driftwood Art was crowned most sustainable product at the 2020 Enterprise Day Market. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Broadgreen business nous on display


The entrepreneurial creativity of Broadgreen Intermediate students was celebrated on Friday at the annual Enterprise Day Market.

Students have been working throughout the term to develop either a product or service to market, produce and ultimately sell at Market Day.

Prizes were then awarded to businesses for the largest turnover, most sustainable product, most sustainable service and most innovative product.

Deputy principal Jeanne Munro says the key concepts are for students to learn about all aspects of business – from GST and import tax to bartering, marketing and production.

“All products and services have to have a sustainable element. They test their product out on prototype day and have to look at whether the price is right, who is buying the product, that kind of thing.”

She says it was a real “buzz” wandering around market day.

“It’s so exciting to choose what you want to buy; the kids blow you away by what they finally produce, there’s certainly lots of original ideas.”

Keshia Linyard took out the most sustainable product with her ‘Driftwood Art’ – pieces of driftwood with hand-painted seascapes.

Maya Ricciardi, Zoe Snowsill and Abby Mills created 30 ‘Ecospheres’ and terrariums from plants, rocks, and bugs sourced from the school grounds and the neighbouring creek.

It took them roughly 20 minutes to sell out of the decorative eco systems.

“We decided to make these because it was quite different and also eco-friendly. We used recycled jars and all the other supplies are from the school grounds and the creek,” says Zoe.

Maya says both the terrariums and ecospheres are completely self-sufficient, requiring no watering.


Largest turnover Max Mallory, Ashton Krammer, Lynkin Tamatea and Keanu Turner’s Platinum Records – Records with hand-painted art on them.

Sustainable Product Keshia Linyard’s Driftwood Art – pieces of driftwood with hand-painted seascapes.

Sustainable Service Gabby Olander, Shayla Daly, Lucy Kirk and Grace Turner’s Plenty of Gifts in the Sea – a fish tank where students use a rod to catch a gift of a handmade bracelet, fortune message bottles, and stickers.

Innovative Product Louis Heeg and Oliver Sharp’s Ampup – speakers made out of bamboo for your phone.