The Women on Wheels gang (L-R) Rosemary Weir, Marilyn Port, Diane Ivory, Glenda St Clair, Fiona Holmes, Heather Scott, Glenda Ferguson, Jocelyn Burke, Judy Bailey and Bev Greig. Photo: Erin Bradnock.

Women on Wheels celebrate 12 years rolling together


Nelson cycling enthusiast Bev Greig had to scout fellow bikies from a picnic table when she wanted to find people to cycle with 12 years ago.

Now the Women on Wheels cycling group has grown to 14 members with nearly all members in their 70s.

Bev says she wanted to start a cycling group after returning from touring Europe, to get other woman like her exercising and socialising.

“I didn’t know any of these ladies before. People have joined just by word of mouth,” says Bev.

The women meet up weekly on Wednesdays and typically ride 40km on varying trails, sharing leading roles each time.

Five of the 14 are turning 75 this year with the youngest member being the ripe age of 65.

Jocelyn Burke is the team’s most mature rider at 79 and apparently one of the speediest in the group.

“She’s a real Speedy Gonzalez that one,” says fellow bikey Marilyn Port.

Marilyn says the coffee stop is just as an important decision as where they ride.

“We need our coffee and scones,” she says.

Bev says they have an open-door policy and she’s running another cycling group on Mondays with men and women.

“I really just want to see older people exercising and socialising because age is just a number.”

On top of the weekly meet-ups the women have also organised other adventurous trips together including the West Coast Wilderness trail and Alps to Ocean trail down south.

The ladies agree it’s each other that keep them coming each week.

“We’re a real mix of people you normally wouldn’t meet, we’re all just awesome women,” says Marilyn.