Young lawyers Lucy Ingham, Whitney Orange and Phoebe Venz outside the Nelson High Court following their admissions ceremony. Photo: Erin Bradnock.

Homecoming for young lawyers


Nelson’s newest lawyers are staying in their hometown to practise law.

Lucy Ingham, Whitney Orange and Phoebe Venz were admitted to the bar on Monday and say they are happy to be back and employed in sunny Nelson as Covid-19 has impacted graduate role opportunities.

Whitney has been employed at local firm Hamish Fletcher, after finishing her studies at Canterbury University.

Pheobe and Lucy have been hired at local firm Rout Milner Fitchett.

Partner of the firm Craig Morice says it’s great to have the young talent staying in Nelson.

“It’s hugely important to give young people an option rather than having them leave town,” says Craig.

He admits the provinces struggle to hold onto quality young people as there are generally less roles on offer.

Craig says it’s especially crucial to support new lawyers in Nelson as work prospects for new graduates are slim.

“Under Covid there’s a bit of a hold up. There are less roles with young lawyers not being able to travel, so there have been less roles to fill,” he says.

The women agree that it’s been a strange year completing their Professional Legal Studies qualification in lockdown.

“Practising advocacy behind a screen was a bit weird,” says 24-year-old Lucy.

“It’s great to be home again,” she says.

Whitney is able to live at home with her family and Lucy and Phoebe will be flatting with their siblings.

“I’m super happy to be back. It’s been a good year with a great firm,” says Pheobe.