Hazel Twissell will be showing her first film at the Top of the South Film Festival this weekend. Photo: Kate Russell.

First film fest for Hazel


Hazel Twissell reckons anyone can be a filmmaker.

The aspiring producer has just completed her first film, which will premiere at the Top of the South Film Festival this weekend at the Suter Theatre.

“That’s what the festival really likes to encourage – anyone can have a go. It gives people an opportunity to show their films on the big screen.”

Her film ‘Seeing Eye Wolf ’ is one of 55 short films to be featured in the annual festival, which is now into its sixth year.

Having dabbled in acting, filmmaking is new territory for Hazel.

“I’ve always liked the ‘making of ’ side of things rather than being on the stage. It’s all this extra technical wizardry that I was slightly geeking out over.”

Her film was born on a ‘sick day’ when she wrote a story, and after taking it along to a meeting with other filmmakers she was encouraged to bring it to life.

“I had mentors to show me what to do to get up to shoot day and how to get all the crew and actors together.”

She doesn’t want to “give too much away” on the storyline but says it offers a “slightly absurd” subject matter.

“It’s a ten-minute film about a conversation in a cafe. It’s a slightly supernatural story.”

Hazel says it will be a “proud but nervous” moment when she sees her work on the big screen.

“I’ve done a couple of small showings to the cast and they’re laughing in the right places.”

The festival offers a variety of films, from drama to documentaries, horror to comedy, thriller to romance and music videos to science fiction.

The Top of the South Film Festival runs over three nights from 20 – 22 November.

For tickets and a full list of what’s screening, go to www.tsfilmfest.org/tickets