Children’s book author Katie Pye hopes her Fairytale Fraud series will help parents with potentially prickly topics. Photo: Erin Bradnock.

Children’s author flipping fairytales on their heads


Katie Pye flips fairytales on their heads.

The author’s Fairytale Fraud series launches locally this Saturday, taking familiar fairytale stories and flipping them on their heads with well-being messages.

From lessons on empathy, listening, being kind to your siblings and asking for help, Katie hopes the messages in her latest children’s book series will connect with both children and parents.

As a mother of three, Katie says a lot of the well-being narratives come from what she’s learnt as a parent.

“I want to help support parents in starting and continuing wellbeing conversations,” says Katie.

She says a career change into writing was a ‘wild card’ move having worked in several social service sector roles across the globe.

“My mother was a children’s writer too, so the rhymes and rhythms have always come naturally to me.”

Katie launched her six new stories internationally earlier this year on Amazon to five-star reviews, but wants as many Kiwi families as possible to be able to reach her work.

As well as being available on Amazon, her books are also available locally through her website and have been printed here in New Zealand, too.

Fairytale Frauds local launch is free and open to all this Saturday at the Nelson Library at 11am where there will be a gingerbread man hunt, crafts, a signing and a reading.