Boxing great Shane Cameron, right, catches a punch while Victory Boxing programme director Paul Hampton watches on at the Victory Boxing gym over the weekend. Photo: Andrew Board.

Boxing champ passes on his knowledge to Nelsonians


Local boxing enthusiasts got tips from the master over the weekend as Shane Cameron visited town.

The former heavyweight champion hosted his Counter Punch programme at Victory Boxing over the weekend with the aim of upskilling volunteers at the popular gym.

Victory Boxing programme director Paul Hampton says the weekend was an opportunity for 22 locals, most of them volunteers, at the Victory gym, to rub shoulders with a Kiwi sporting great and sharpen up their boxing skills.

“We’re always trying to upskill our people and offer new experiences and we’ve forged a really strong relationship with Shane over the past couple of years. He’s a good friend of the gym and it’s fantastic to be able to bring him down here and learn from him.”

Shane’s Counter Punch programme aims to teach proper technique for boxing coaches and personal trainers.

He says more people are using boxing training as a way to stay fit and upskilling the coaches and trainers is a way for him to pass on his boxing knowledge.

“I’ve been coached by a lot of coaches and I’ve picked up some of their good traits and some bad traits that I’ve ignored. I just see it as an opportunity for me in the fitness industry and using my sport as well. I designed this course four years ago and its an accredited course so I enjoy teaching it.”

Paul says keeping the volunteers at the gym fresh is a key reason why he invited Shane to visit.

“The volunteers are the backbone of Victory Boxing and we’re always striving to upskill and be as professional as possible. Also we’re keen to keep learning and growing so getting someone of the calibre of Shane and his courses is great for us. Our volunteers are so committed so it’s a way for us to say thank you.”

He says the gym is as busy as its ever been.

“The thing about Victory is that it’s constantly growing and changing and we need to keep making sure that we keep our standards high and offer new challenges.”