Founders Book Fair coordinator Karen Clark and volunteer Gretel McNeill with the thousands of books on show this week. Photo: Kate Russell.

Book bonanza hits Founders


A spring-time book fair is coming to Founders Park this weekend in lieu of the traditional annual winter event.

The Founders Book Fair, which is usually held on Queen’s Birthday weekend, kicks off this Saturday and will run for 10 days.

Organiser Karen Clark says, due to Covid-19, there were doubts that it would go ahead at all this year.

“We had to cancel in June and then cancel again in August when we went back into Level 2. It’s only since Level 1 we made the decision to go ahead – so we kicked into full gear.”

And it’s a decision that was easy to make, due to around half a million items having been donated this year.

Many of these consist of what Karen calls “lockdown clear-outs.”

“We have far more books than normal. We stopped collecting donations during lockdown but when it finished it was like people had done nothing but clean out their bookshelves.

“We haven’t scaled back at all – in fact, it’s bigger.”

This year there is a new room dedicated to mixed media, including DVDs, CDs and vinyl, due to its increasing popularity at the fair.

“We also had around 200 posters donated, so we’re going to sell them this year, too.”

Karen says the new area will make room for more books and “puzzles for Africa” in The Granary.

“It’s definitely been the year for puzzles.”

The fair began in 1988 and is a major fundraiser for Founders Heritage Park.

The Founders Book Fair runs from 17 – 26 October from 10am – 4:30pm.

Entry is $2 per adult or $5 for a ten-day pass. Children under 12 are free.

Remember to bring a reusable bag for your books.