A&P Show manager Annette Robinson is looking forward to this year’s event. Photo: Jacqui Rawson.

A&P Show charges ahead


The region’s A&P show will go ahead, organisers say.

Despite most A&P Shows around the country not going ahead this year, the Richmond show organisers are dedicated to ensuring they carry on.

“Not having our show has never been an option,” says show manager Annette Robinson.

Annette says she is staying determined that the show will go ahead in some form in November.

If the worst happens, and the country goes back into Level 2 lockdown, then the show will be limited to contestants and members only.

“As it stands now, the show will most assuredly go on.” This year it’s shaping up to be more exciting than previous years with new shows and competitions being held for the very first time.

There will be an Excavation Operator Competition, led by Civil Contractors New Zealand where operators will be competing to showcase their digger skills with up to ten tasks.

Things like painting a sign on a piece of paper or lifting a teapot and pouring into a teacup – all with their digger.

Another new event is the Mounted Games where there will be games on horseback, showcasing speed and agility where pairs compete in laneways.

There will also be a reduction in the cost at the gate this year.

This and the fact many events in the region have had to be cancelled, should bring a lot more people to the show and make it a truly impressive event, says Annette.

There will be other changes for this year’s show relating to layout.

All kids’ activities will now be easier to find and take pride of place at the front of the grounds.

That includes things like the animal barn, the Town & Country Vet animal nursery, sheep and goats and the woodchoppers.

The lack of other A&P shows around the country also benefits the local area as the competitors not able to compete elsewhere in New Zealand are flocking here to compete.

The wood choppers, for example, will have a big turnout as they’ll be coming from all over New Zealand.

And there’s always the trades exhibitions to check out businesses old and new.

The A&P organisation encourages any tradespeople who are keen to have crowds come and check out their business to get in touch with Annette as there are currently sites available specifically for trades displays.

Contact Annette at [email protected] richmondpark.nz or give her a ring on 544 7181