Nelson SPCA staff member Trudi Black with an un-microchipped stray cat that they are hoping to reunite with its owner. Photo: Kate Russell.

SPCA to run Snip ‘n’ Chip again


After a successful Snip ‘n’ Chip campaign earlier this year, Nelson SPCA is about to begin another round of the heavily subsidised desexing and microchipping for local cats and dogs.

Since June this year, the centre has ‘snipped and chipped’ 260 cats and 45 dogs, and manager Donna Walzl says she is excited to be able to carry on with the campaign.

“We have to apply for funding every year to do it and another round has just been approved.”

Donna and local vets have been advocating for microchipping to be compulsory in Nelson, like other parts of New Zealand.

“We would love to see it become compulsory. We have stray cats coming in all the time and we go out of our way to try and find the owner, but we would bypass all of that if they were microchipped. The values of it totally outweigh the cost of getting it done.”

Last year alone the centre saw nearly 300 stray cats and kittens through their doors and, legally, they must hold them for seven clear days before they can rehome them.

And with kitten season fast approaching, Donna is hopeful the desexing they have done so far this year has an effect on the number of animals that are brought in this summer.

“The idea for me is that if our numbers go down, we can help surrounding districts.”

The cost for the Snip ‘n’ Chip is $25 for cats and $75 for dogs.

Donna says the idea is to help people who are struggling with the cost of desexing or microchipping their pets.

“We are trying to encourage for it to be for the people who need it.”

If you would like to book your cat or dog in, ring the centre on 5477171.