Learn. Earn. Anywhere.


Established in 1991, The New Zealand Institute of Business Studies is recognised as a leader in the field of distance learning, offering practical courses in proofreading, life coaching, fiction writing, journalism, travel writing and photography.

NZIBS trains people to earn an income while working flexible hours from home and pursuing their passion. It doesn’t matter where you live, or how old you are – their graduates range in age from 18 to 85!

The Institute was founded by Brian Morris, who now resides in Picton. NZBIS started with just three courses, with content sourced from Australia, but he soon ‘kiwi-ised’ it, introducing authors such as Katherine Mansfield, Frank Sargeson and journalist Terry Mclean.

In the early days, before the internet, Brian and Carol Morris relied heavily on NZ Post for communication because their students were geographically spread throughout New Zealand and worldwide. Then in the late 1990s, the multi-caller facility ‘NZIBS Telephone Assembly’ was created, and as technology evolved, this was eventually replaced by webinars, Facebook, blogging, ‘Chat to Your Tutor Day’, Skype, emails and student forums. Maintaining human contact was always the objective, only the technology changed.

Today, the institute continues to flourish under the leadership of Principal Dr Liza Pujji. A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Liza has vast experience in the academic, engineering and business sectors. “We strongly believe if you follow your passion and do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life,” says Liza.

NZIBS has an impressive line-up of tutors too, including Janice Marriott, Ian Jones, Dick Ward, Phil Linklater, Tina Shaw, Val Gyde, Jill Malcolm, Chas Foxall and Atholl Robertson. With 15 specialised distance learning courses available at the Institute, why not download a prospectus? Train for a new career at home, and in your own time.

Visit www.nzbis.co.nz/courses or phone 0800 80 1994.