Nelson City councillors Judene Edgar and Brian McGurk on Monday enjoyed a ride on the new route with the council’s revamped payment system – the Bee Card. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Cheaper buses as new zone system is introduced


Many bus passengers in our region are now seeing cheaper bus fares due to changes to the public transport zone system, with some people saving up to $1.20 per journey.

Previously, bus fares in Nelson-Tasman were based on a four-zone system.

Zone one ended at Boundary Road in Bishopdale, zone two ended at Quarantine Road in Stoke, zone three ended at Saxton Road in Stoke and zone four covered Richmond.

Infrastructure chair, councillor Brian McGurk, says simplifying the zone system and making fares cheaper is a core part of Council’s strategy to encourage a more sustainable transport culture in Nelson.

“The new zones will make bus travel cheaper for many people, especially those coming into Nelson from Richmond to work. Coupled with the new Bee Card, public transport in Nelson will be easier to access for everyone and we hope more people will take advantage of the great public transport system we have here.”

The new zoning system extends zone one all the way to Hayes Corner where Main Road Stoke meets Waimea Road and Annesbrook Drive, zone two to Main Road Stoke just north of Elm Street, and zone three to Richmond including the Richmond loop services.

This means that passengers can travel from Atawhai to Hayes Corner for just $2 with a Bee Card (or $2.50 if you pay cash), a trip that would previously have cost $3.

Passengers going from Richmond to Nelson using a Bee Card will pay $2.80 (or $3.50 if you pay cash), instead of $4 under the old zoning system.

All feeder loops like the Stoke loop are now considered part of the zone they sit within and passengers have one hour to transfer between services without incurring an extra fare.

Bee Cards are available now at or at Nelson City Council service centres, public libraries in Nelson, Stoke and Richmond and the Nelson Bus Depot on Bridge Street. For more information about Bee Card, how to register an account and load up money see here.