Pretty Smart Sale organisers, Sally Shaw and Karen Cooper, in front of the Hope Recreation Hall, where the popular second-hand clothing sale will be moving to. Photo: Matt McCrorie.

Second-hand clothing sale finds pretty smart new home in Hope


One of the region’s largest secondhand clothing sales has found a new home in Hope.

The Pretty Smart Sale has been operating three times a year for over 25 years.

The second-hand sale enables locals from around the area to sell quality secondhand clothing and toys, Organiser Sally Shaw says that it is important to circulate clothes rather than buying new ones.

“We love the idea of reusing and recycling,” she says.

“There are so many clothes in the world, and we need to redistribute the ones that we’ve got rather than pumping out cheap new clothes all the time.”

The Pretty Smart Sale had made its home in the Stoke Memorial Hall, which was closed earlier this year due to earthquake strengthening.

Sally says that the sale has continued to grow in popularity in the last few years.

“In the last few years, we have had people queue outside the doors before we open.”

Fellow organiser Karen Cooper says that she first got involved after being made redundant and trying to care for her young baby.

“I couldn’t afford to go and buy clothes from shops. I found out about the sale and it was amazing,” she says.

“That was nine years ago – I’ve been hooked ever since – I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on new clothes.”

Karen says that the environmental component is a huge motivator for her.

“You become a parent and I think you become more conscious of the environment, and the environmental movement has certainly become strong in recent years,” she says.

“This is great, because you are supporting locals and you are helping the planet.”

After sellers register, all they have to do is label their items with a price and a code, hang it up using racks, trestles and hangers provided, then walk away.

They can return the next day after the sale to collect any money and leftover clothes.

“Sellers are saved the hassle of selling items in dribs and drabs through Trade Me or Facebook,” says Sally.

“It’s pretty smart thinking in today’s current financial uncertainty to provide people easy access to affordable quality second-hand clothing and goods,” Sally says.

“There are too many clothes and too much wastage in the world – let’s redistribute what we’ve got.”

The Pretty Smart Sale, Saturday 1st August, 9am – 2pm. Hope Recreation Hall, 184 Main Road, Hope.