Nayland College principal Daniel Wilson says the decision to implement an enrolment scheme is out of their hands. Photo: File.

Nayland confirms zoning plans


Nelson’s only mixed-gender college has confirmed it will implement an enrolment zone – but its not likely to happen until 2022.

Stoke’s Nayland College is rapidly nearing its 1330 student capacity, however, it is too late to put in an enrolment zone for next year.

That means any student wanting to start at the school in 2021 can still enroll.

Principal Daniel Wilson told Nelson Weekly that the ministry’s network team attended a board meeting last Wednesday.

“They have said there are no options for the school to expand and they want to control growth with an enrolment zone, not by building new buildings.

“That decision has effectively been made by the ministry – it’s out of our control.”

Daniel says a consultation process will need to take place regarding what the enrolment zone will look like. They will be required to consult with neighbouring schools and parents of current and future students on the home zone boundary.

“Whether we do the consultation process this year or next year, I’m not 100 per cent sure.”

Daniel says he is currently trying to figure out how he’ll manage his booming roll next year.

“I’m not going to have enough classrooms. I’ve got a meeting with the property team in the next couple of weeks to try and figure out how we’re going to get through the year.

“But it’s nothing that schools are not used to. When you have building projects and things like that, you make do. And I’m hoping we might be able to get some prefab buildings in to support us.”

Daniel says he understands there will be families frustrated by the decision, as it will mean there will no longer be a co-ed college option in Nelson City.

The others are all-boys school, Nelson College, and all-girls school, Nelson College for Girls.

“We had some parents turn up to the meeting and they made their message really clear that they didn’t think an enrolment zone should be put in.

“But we can’t do anything as a school. We’re being directed, so our hands are tied. I’d encourage any concerned parents to refer that to the ministry.”

He says some families will be able to apply ‘out of zone’ through a ballot process.

“However, because we’re going to be at capacity, our ability to take out of zone students will be very limited.”

Katrina Casey, deputy secretary sector engagement and support at the ministry confirmed they will be working with the college on the implementation of the zone for the year beginning 2022.

“Nayland College’s roll has been increasing over recent years, and as part of the ministry’s monitoring of enrolments, the need for an enrolment scheme was discussed with the college.

“Due to an expected increase of students in 2021, we recognise that the school will be under pressure for space.”