Mischief is happy to be back home after his big adventure. Photo: Supplied.

Mischief hitches a ride from Motueka to Nelson


A Motueka cat called Mischief has lived up to his name after hitching a ride on a house bus to Nelson and finding shelter at the Labour party campaign office on Vanguard St.

There he stayed for two weeks, until he was finally discovered.

The seven-year-old tabby was reported missing last month by his owner Tony Reynolds.

Tony says he had sold his house bus last month – but little did he know that when the buyer came to pick it up and drive off, Mischief was hiding in the back of it.

It is thought that he jumped off the bus when it stopped for gas at Z Rutherford St.

Labour candidate for Nelson, Rachel Boyack, says she and her team were at the office last Tuesday night when they discovered Mischief, trapped under the building.

“My campaign team thought that I was mad, as I was convinced I could hear a cat. We found him under the office and managed to pull him out through the grate.”

Thanks to a quick response from the Nelson SPCA, Mischief was taken in and got a “much-needed feed”.

Rachel says she shared a post on Facebook, and his owner was found by the next morning.

Tony says he had a suspicion that Mischief may have got on the bus, but he is over the moon to have him back home.

“He’s back hiding under the blankets like he usually does, and our other cat Charlie was happy to see him. She was pretty sad when he went missing.”

Tony says he didn’t think he would ever see Mischief again.

“He’d lost a bit of weight, but he was fine. He knew who I was as soon as he saw me and hasn’t left my side since. I’ve suffered from anxiety – especially with the Covid-19 lockdown – so he’s been my rock.

“Rachel and the SPCA were so amazing, I’m so rapt.”

Mischief has now been microchipped in the event of any future road trips. And, while Tony says he is a Labour supporter himself, he is now certain that Mischief must be too.

“He’s become a bit of a celebrity, really.”