‘Sugar daddy’ relationship sours


A 71-year-old man’s relationship with his 22-year-old ‘sugar baby’ turned sour after she returned from getting a breast augmentation which he paid for and refused to give him more attention, a court has heard.

Then, after the relationship became strained, the man sent the woman intimate recordings he had made of her which she thought he had deleted, along with requests for her to fulfill her contract. 

The man appeared in the Nelson District Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to a charge of making an intimate visual recording.

The police summary of facts told how the man and the woman entered into an informal contract in 2019, which agreed she would provide company and sexual services and he would provide money, travel and gifts.

On two occasions he placed a cell phone on the bedside table which he used to record the woman.

One of these recordings was of the pair having sex, another was of the woman with nothing covering the top half of her body.

When she became suspicious of the cell phone and asked to see it, he allowed her to look at the photo gallery which is when she saw the naked recordings of herself. He then deleted them.

In December 2019 he paid for the woman to travel abroad to get a breast augmentation but on her return the relationship became strained as he expected more attention and she did not reciprocate.

He then made requests for her to fulfil her contract or pay him back for the breast augmentation and included some more photos of her partially naked which is when she made a complaint to police.

In explanation he said he was unaware that it was an offence to make recordings of someone without consent and that he had searched on his computer and believed he had seen that it was not an offence to do so.

Judge David Ruth accepted the man’s guilty plea but did not enter a conviction as it was understood a section 106 application would be made under the Sentencing Act 2002 for a discharge without conviction.