It was an emotional day for American Dvahje Durham who was one of hundreds who marched in Nelson. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Marching for racial justice


Hundreds of Nelsonians took to the streets on Saturday as part of global demonstrations demanding racial justice.

The protests in response to killing of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer sparked outrage around the world.

In Nelson, protesters sat in solidarity with placards reading ‘Black Lives Matter” before marching through the city and chanting “no justice, no peace”.

Protesters marched down Trafalgar St demanding racial justice for New Zealand and around the world. Photo: Jonty Dine.

American Dvahje Durham declares herself black and proud and says she is sick of seeing minorities beaten and killed by police.

“We are only seeing the stuff that’s on film, imagine how many times it is happening.”

An emotional Dvahje then expressed her sincere gratitude for those who stood with her.

“I am just so happy there are so many people here, change is only going to happen if we choose to make a difference.”