Gill Starling of Quiet Dog Gallery is hosting an exhibition called ‘The Return’ and is aimed at first-time art collectors. Photo: Kate Russell.

Exhibition to boost post-Covid art collecting


Have you ever wanted to begin collecting original artwork? Throughout June, Nelson’s Quiet Dog Gallery is hosting a show especially for people who want to start on the journey of doing just that.

“We’ve all had weeks of staring at our walls. If you feel less than inspired in your home, maybe it’s time to start that art collection you’ve been dreaming of,” says gallery owner Gill Starling.

There will be work by established artists who have major exhibitions under their belt, including David Ryan, James Robinson and Lisa Chandler.

Other respected artists Rosie Little, Ann Braunsteiner, James Kirkwood, Jane Tan, Jo Kinross, Greta Greenwood, Kathaleen Bartha and Richard Sellars also have work up for sale.

All artworks are priced at $500 or less.

“People think that you need a lot of money to buy art, but this isn’t necessarily the case. A good place to start is by visiting galleries and working out what kind of art you respond to,” says Gill.

“It’s a very personal thing and you’ll find that your tastes will develop over time. Nelson has heaps of galleries to visit and lots of artists who open their studios to

the public, so as locals, we’re spoilt for choice.”

She says the only important rule is to “buy what you love”.

“People buy a lot of massed produced prints online that they can spend quite a lot of money on, when they could buy original works that have actually been made by someone – and they’ll have the only one that exists.”

Gill says it’s also a precarious time for Kiwi artists and the exhibition is a way to support them.

“Most artists are finding this economic climate very tough as they are essentially self-employed. If we can encourage people to buy originals and buy work by local artists, that would be a big help for them.”

‘The Return’ exhibition runs from 29 May – 26 June at Quiet Dog Gallery, 33 Wakatu Lane.