The works will include widening of the Maitai Riverside Path. Photo: NCC.

Council awarded more than $1m for infrastructure projects


More than $1million has been awarded to Nelson City Council to progress infrastructure projects across the city.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) awarded the council $1.23million from the Provincial Growth Fund.

Projects that will proceed from the funding include traffic calming measures on Beach Rd, widening of the Maitai Riverside Path between Collingwood and Bridge Sts and three projects for the Regional Business Units including planting and tracks in the Eves Valley landfill and resurfacing of the internal road at York Valley.

Beach Rd works will involve narrowing the road width, raising the height of the pavement and introducing more vegetation to the intersection aimed at slowing traffic down along a section of the street that approaches a crossing for the shared pathway.

A council statement says they had received feedback that vehicles sometimes travel through this intersection at high speeds, so the work will ensure that users of the new shared path are kept as safe as possible.

Community feedback also discussed the 1.5-metre-wide Maitai Riverside Path being too narrow between Collingwood and Bridge Sts, with surfaces on either side being uneven and sunken in places. There were reports of injuries occurring when people move to make way for others.

Council says the narrow width of the path also discourages use by pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooters. Once the work has been completed, the path will range from between 3m to 3.5m in width.

Council has already allocated the projects to local contractors according to the new streamlined tendering process.

Council is allowing works worth up to $2 million to be assigned to a select group of local contractors who have a proven record with the Council, on an equitable basis, which they say stimulates job opportunities as part of the COVID-19 Recovery Plan.

The process dispenses with the more formal tendering procedures, but still allows for checks and balances.

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese says employment stimulus funding from central government will be critical to the region’s COVID-10 recovery.

“This support will provide a boost to our economy when it needs it most. There’s no doubt that Nelson faces a considerable challenge as we embark on the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, but infrastructure projects like these will help maintain jobs in the region, which has the added bonus of a positive knock on effect for families and businesses. Every bit of funding helps.”

Council contractor Downer will carry out the work to install traffic calming measures on Beach Rd.

“Downer is excited to undertake this work on behalf of Nelson City Council as a result of receiving Provisional Growth Funding,” says a spokesperson.

“Having security of work for our employees, delivering a safe crossing point for cyclists and pedestrians makes us all proud to be living and working in Nelson.”