Nelson Angel Women’s Loan Fund ‘s Pam Williams (left) is pleased her contribution to Mercy Sollano’s business has been fruitful. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Angels come to Mercy’s rescue


When Mercy Sollano was asked to cover the cleaning of a client’s house for a friend, she never dreamed it would be the beginning of a successful business.

But after rave reviews from her clients she made the decision to make a go of it.

She took up a free business course and applied to the bank for a $1500 loan to purchase supplies.

However, the bank declined the loan application – twice.

She had almost given up on the idea when another friend told her about the Nelson Angel Women’s Loan Fund (NAWLF) – a community organisation which provides interest-free loans to women who may not have access to other credit.

NAWLF trustee Pam Williams says the loan fund is all about empowering women, whether it be through starting their own business, upskilling, or getting back into the workforce.

“Not everyone can get a loan from the bank, we provide small loans to give those women a hand up,” says Pam.

Now, two years on from her first Angel loan, Sollano Cleaning Services employs four people and Mercy says she couldn’t have done it without the extra help.

“They are really nice people and so supportive, I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Pam encourages any women who may need a helping hand to get in touch as they have money available to loan.

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