17-year-old rapper Seamus Copland Malone, aka MC Culprit and brother Thomas Copland Malone, aka Kid T. Photo: Supplied.

Rappers turn bullies into fans


A local rap duo who were bullied for their music have used the hate they received as the source of inspiration for their latest album.

Seamus Copland Malone aka MC Culprit and brother Thomas, aka Kid T, managed to turn some of their biggest detractors into fans after dropping their most recent work.

Seamus says when he first began to rap people did not take his seriously.

“They thought it was a gimmick.”

After releasing their first album, critics called the pair ‘trash’ and ‘a joke.’

“People were not that nice too us but it motivated us to try harder and prove them wrong.”

However, their latest work has prompted some of those very haters to dub the pair as one of the best and most underrated underground rappers in the country.

“We have had some really good feedback and a lot of those ones that used to not like us have now become our top fans.”

The five song EP, appropriately titled ‘Doubted,’ has already accumulated 24,000 plays in just under a month.

The 17-year-old says he and his brother mixed and mastered the album in three weeks during the national lockdown.

Seamus says it fuses a range of styles with some old and new school vibes and hardcore gangsta sound contrasted with some melodic story-telling.

“We write songs that inspire and relate with the current teens, we talk about the hard times in trying to make it in the music scene and the hate brought towards not only ourselves but all people doing something new and unheard of.”

Seamus admits he wasn’t the strongest rapper when he started but through years of grind and over 50 original songs, he has begun to master his craft.

His music career started in the school band playing guitar, but he says he soon got bored of the classical style and started listening to rappers like Tupac and Eminem.

They are already back in their home studio producing their next album which will include a feature with Lil Nix, a rapper with over three million streams on his latest hit “Corona Virus”.

As well as the old school rappers, Seamus also draws inspiration from the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Pop Smoke.

He says it is a dream of theirs to make an impact on New Zealand’s music scene and hopefully perform at Bay Dreams one day.

To listen to ‘Doubted’ visit Spotify.