Stormy’s Mancave barber Kyle Crittenden gives Stewart Reynolds a long-awaited haircut. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Nelson gets back to business in Alert Level 2


Nelsonians made the most of Level 2 in the first days of lockdown being relaxed – flocking to shops across the CBD.

Outlets are already adjusting to the new normal by staggering customers, contact tracing and carrying out intensive cleaning regimes.

When barber Kyle Crittenden got to work on the first day of Level 2, there was a line of 15 customers eagerly awaiting a haircut.

“It’s been stressful trying to figure out how to adjust to the new rules and keep it clean.”

Kyle says after initially planning to stick to their ‘walk ins only’, they were quickly forced to switch to a queuing system with a doorman.

However, despite the added stress, Kyle says it’s great to be back and serving the community once again.

“A lot of them are very overdue for a trim.”

Stewart Reynolds was loving having his first haircut since the lockdown.

“Seven weeks is too long.”

Gyms also re-opened this week. City Fitness manager Odette Watson says their gym is
probably one of the cleanest places in the city.

“We clean a lot anyway but have been doing a lot extra.”

Odette was encouraged with the number of people she has seen out exercising and hopes they continue this routine with lockdown lifted.

She says she is delighted to be back at work. The gym will be enforcing a number of new policies, including members only and 75-minute maximum workouts.

Owner of Page & Blackmore Booksellers, Jo Dippie, says she was delighted to be re-opening the doors of her Trafalgar St shop.

“We are hoping for the best, we have had some really great support in the last few weeks where we have been able to sell online.”

Jo says there will be a recovery period following a backlog of orders.

“We’ve had no supplies for the past six weeks, so the shop is a bit depleted.”

After confirming to customers that they would re-open, one of the main concerns was how the shop’s dog ‘Nelson’ was faring.

“He’s been in total isolation, he hasn’t been able to play with his friends.”