Caleb Mckenzie-Hays enjoys a beer after eight weeks of his local being closed. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Local bars get back to brewing business


After eight long, dry weeks, thirsty patrons are flocking back to their local watering holes, however the pub scene has a very different look under Level Two restrictions.

The dance floors are cordoned off, tables spaced well part and a there is a sign in sheet at the door.

For regulars such as Caleb Mckenzie-Hays, it’s been a long wait.

The fisherman came home from sea mid-way through the lockdown and was eager to get back to his drinking spot at the Rattle and Hum.

However, Caleb was forced to drink beer from the confinement of his home.

“Not being able to go to the pub has been pretty s*****, you like to go out and do something and see the girls.”

Upon re-opening, Caleb was one of the first through the doors and back in his stool with a pint in hand.

He says it was great to be back among some familiar faces on Bridge St.

“I have missed the vibe, people having a good time and connecting with that.”

Industry Bar and Nightclub owner Corey Taylor says his venue isn’t well suited to the new normal and anticipates a slow start after re-opening.

“We are a night club so to come in here on a Saturday night and sit at a table is not ideal but rules are rules.”

However, despite the restrictions, Corey is happy to be serving again.

“We have been twiddling our thumbs for eight weeks so it’s good to be back.”