Scores of locals have been going to the beach during the lockdown. Photo: Jonty Dine

Police to crackdown on flouters


With more Nelsonians opting to flout the lockdown restrictions police say they are increasing their efforts to get the message across.

Hotspots such as Tahuna Beach have seen consistent flocks of people congregate despite warnings not to.

A spokeswoman says Nelson Police are noting higher volumes of vehicle and foot traffic as the week during lockdown has progressed.

“We have deployed more of our uniform staff into our communities, and places like supermarkets, beach areas, as well as on our roads.”

She says they are seizing each and every opportunity to interact and reinforce the message that staying home will save lives.

Area Commander for Nelson Bays inspector Paul Borrell says police will use discretion to give warnings, or if absolutely necessary, they could be arrested.

“Stay at home – save lives. It’s that simple.”

The Government’s Covid-19 website says you can go outside for a walk, but you need to avoid contact with others and to use cars only to access essential services.

In her daily press conferences, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said people shouldn’t drive to the park or beach to exercise but should stay in their ”local area”.