President Craig Welsh stands among the wreckage following a break-in at the Tahunanui Tennis Club. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Tennis club’s plea for stolen trophies


A heartbroken Nelson tennis club has had a piece of its history stolen during a brazen break-in at the weekend.

The trophy cabinet at the Tahunanui Tennis Club was completely cleared out by thieves who broke in on Friday evening.

Club president Craig Welsh says it’s “disgusting behaviour” and that the trophies were a prominent feature of the club with strong sentimental value.

This included some trophies with names of members engraved on them, who have since died.

It is understood that the doors had been levered open with a screwdriver.

The room was in complete disarray with cakes from the kitchen trodden into the ground, sofas overturned and ripped up, tennis equipment strewn all over the floor and the gate system smashed.

“Everyone in the club is pretty disheartened and annoyed,” says Craig.

The club is making a passionate plea to anyone that might know the whereabouts of the trophies so they can be returned to the club.

“It’s a shame, all the coach’s gear got trashed and that’s a load of five and eight-yea-rolds’ training equipment.”

The police have been to take fingerprints so the clean-up for Craig can begin.

“They have caused a lot of damage which will cost us over $1000 to fix.

“It looks like they had a bit of a party.”

Craig says they have had incidents of people trying to break into their cash box before but never to this extent.

The keys were also taken forcing the club to change all its locks.

He says the club is going to improve their security system on site so this doesn’t happen again.

“It won’t stop us playing tennis.”