Brylee Wayman, Nathalie Lacaze-Campbell and Lee-Ann O’Brien are working to bring the community of Stoke together with a free breakfast. Photo: Harri Jordan.

Stoked for community breakfast


Three local women are dedicated to crushing the stereotype that Stoke is simply a suburb you pass through as part of your commute or just “a place to retire”.

Brylee Wayman, Nathalie Lacaze-Campbell, and Lee-Ann O’Brien are hosting a free community breakfast that will be taking place on Sunday from 9am until 11am at the Greenmeadows Centre.

“Kai is really important, and connection is really important,” says Lee-Ann.

“People always worry there’s a catch, but it’s simply come and get to know your neighbour.”

The event is being funded by Nelson City Council and a Lotteries grant.

“Everyone can participate in bringing Stoke’s identity together,” says Nathalie.

At the breakfast, community members can help choose new branding designs for Stoke and discuss new opportunities to improve the suburb.

The women say they are mindful of trying to engage young Stoke residents.

“All the generations make a community,” says Nathalie.

Stoke’s last event was cancelled due to the rain, however, Brylee is confident that this event will not be disrupted amid the current coronavirus concerns.

“It’s not a mass gathering, and everyone won’t be here at once and it’s outdoors. It’s just a local event at a café,” she says.

For more information about the event you can head to the Stoked Facebook page.