Victory Primary School students Caleb Daly, 7, and Max Mualheih, 5, with some of the Lego that was donated to the school. Photo: Kate Russell.

Litres of Lego for Victory School


When an anonymous woman called Victory Primary School earlier this month to see if they’d accept a donation of Lego, they didn’t realise just how much there would be.

“In my 26 years of teaching here I’ve never seen such a generous gift,” says deputy principal Wendy Taylor.

Approximately five 88 litre tubs of quality second-hand Lego was given to the school earlier this month, plus two smaller crates – estimated to be worth thousands of dollars.

“We got such a surprise when we saw how much there was. We were also given four boxes of beautiful hardback reading books that are all in as-new condition.”

Wendy says all they know about the donor is that she was shifting house and wanted to find a home for her now grown-up son’s Lego collection.

“She didn’t say what prompted her to donate it to us, but we were so thrilled.”

While it might be some time before it can be used to its full potential Wendy is hopeful that will be sooner rather than later.

“It’s a really rich opportunity for children to play with things they might not get at home. Most kids would be lucky to have one set.”

Wendy says they are in the process of finding out the donor’s address, so the students can send her thank-you cards.

“It’ll be a real treat for years to come.”