The Waimea Rd works are part of the condition of consent for a $125 million lifestyle retirement village. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Railway Reserve diversion imminent


In a few months’ time part of the Railway Reserve cycle path will be a lighted tunnel under a new road.

But until then commuters will be diverted around the area.

The project is due to the construction of the associated $125 million lifestyle retirement village.

The work is happening near Station Reserve, 350m north of Beatson Rd, for a new road that will provide access to the Tasman Heights subdivision and Coastal Views Lifestyle Village.

Developers of the retirement village, Questral Corporation, say they can start work on the retirement village as soon as the road is in – although they have already been able to commence work on the care centre.

Nelson City Council’s team leader in capital delivery, Rebecca Dawkins, told the infrastructure committee heard last Thursday that work on the underpass was imminent.

Cyclists were already being prepared to be moved around the site with Waimea Rd, lined out with water-filled barriers.

These will become the main route for cyclists while the underpass is dug out. Rebecca said that work would take three to four months.

The underpass was costing the council $519,000.

A condition of the consent, which was issued in February 2016, is that developers will pay for the traffic-lighted intersection to go on Waimea Rd, but the council would pay for the work necessary to keep the Railway Reserve pedestrian-friendly.

Council says various traffic reports have concluded the impacts of this road are “no more than minor.”

The Coastal Views Lifestyle Village will include residential units to house up to 300 people, and will include 180 standalone units, 60 apartments and 50 care beds.