Nelson woman Schan Crowther is grieving the loss of her fiancé Caleb Neho Wikaria in a motorcycle crash last year. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Grieving fiancée searching for answers


Just two days after Schan Crowther agreed to marry her partner, he was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Caleb Neho Wikaira died in the early hours of November 3 from injuries sustained in the crash on St Vincent St in central Nelson.

Stricken with grief, Schan says the loss of her fiancée has been compounded by her ongoing battles with police.

Schan is still searching for answers about the day Caleb died with conflicting reports between police and eye witnesses adding to her frustrations.


The 26-year-old laid a formal complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority citing poor communication from the lead detective.

It is understood that the lead detective has since been relegated to a different role on the case.

Schan claims the detective had not been forthcoming with her with the accident report or with court appearances of the driver.

Caleb was a member of the Killer Beez gang and Schan says her partner’s history has been the catalyst for her treatment by police.

Schan also wonders why it took so long to establish Caleb had a brain injury.

When first arriving at the hospital, Schan says Caleb was receiving treatment on his broken bones and internal injuries.

“I was thinking it can’t be that bad because he would have gone straight to theatre or flown to Wellington, I thought he’s going to pull through this.”

More than six hours after the crash, she says Caleb was taken for a CT scan.

“Then they came and told us he’s got a brain injury and he’s not going to last 20 minutes, he didn’t even last long enough for us to get to his room and say goodbye.”

Schan says the detective had also not informed her about the bail conditions of the driver and worries she could run into him in public, further causing her stress.

“They have not kept me or my partner’s mother informed properly of updates or goings-on of the case. I would like to be kept up to date with the case and treated with respect.”

Schan, a mother of one, says she and Caleb were also trying to start their own family.

“He was the best stepdad ever, he was amazing, he was once in a lifetime.”

She says the loss of Caleb is being made worse.

“I don’t know what to do, we just want answers.”