Troy Dando poses with the 3.38kg blue cod he caught in Fiordland. Photo: Supplied.

Nelson fisherman lands world blue cod record


A Nelson fisherman can now lay claim to having caught the world’s biggest blue cod ever weighed.

Troy Dando landed the beast last October while fishing in Fiordland.

The catch was officially weighed by the International Game Fishing Association and is now the current World Record Holder.

The weather gods were smiling on Troy and his crew during the week-long trip.

“We got to fish some areas hardly ever fished because of the weather normally in that part of New Zealand.”

Troy was using a lite Shimano rod and reel, set up with an Ocean Angler Jitterbug lure, when the fish struck.

“There were some bigger ones following it to the surface, they don’t put up much of a fight, the old blue cod.”

He says it was over four days before he got the cod back home to get it weighed in and it had lost a lot of weight and size.

“But it still came in a healthy 3.38kg (7lb 8oz) but would easily have gone over 8lb when first caught.”

Coincidentally, Troy had actually looked up the world record prior to the trip.

“It was pretty pathetic 1.72kg … I thought I could give it a good crack.”

While happy to be holding the record, he doesn’t believe it will last long.

“It’s certainly not the biggest cod you’d get, there are a lot of bigger ones. Now I’ve highlighted it I get guys telling me they are catching them every other day, but for now, it’s mine.”

Despite his title, Troy doesn’t consider the accomplishment anything special.

“It’s pretty ho hum, if it was a kingfish or a marlin it might be worth getting excited about.”

The fish currently resides in Troy’s freezer. “I’ve been trying to find someone to get it mounted.”