Nelson Suburbs football director Ryan Stewart with Stoke School students. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Suburbs donates to Stoke


Stoke School struggles for sports resources.

Until recently, sports coordinator Kirsten Goomes was pumping up the few balls the school had at least once a week to make them usable.

“We have really tight budget, and I haven’t been able to purchase new balls at all for any code this year.”

However, Kirsten will be able to ditch the handpump for the foreseeable future after the school was gifted almost 100 footballs.

Nelson Suburbs football director Ryan Stewart donated the balls on behalf of his club.

“We do get a lot of gear through funding and a lot of the local schools don’t. We recycle our stock quite a bit but they’re still too good to be thrown out so we give them to the kids who can give them a little bit more life,” says Ryan.

With the Suburbs home being in Stoke, Ryan says they are looking to connect more with the community.

“A good club always comes from a good community base, so we are trying our best to reach out to our area and be there to do things if they need us to do so.”

Kirsten says the donation was really overwhelming and will now allow full classes to engage in training sessions.

“Our kids love being outside, but our equipment is really limited so to be gifted something like this makes a huge difference.”

Ryan says he is always happy to meet with anyone in the Stoke area to see how the club can better engage with the community.

To contact Ryan email [email protected]