Nayland College student Reece Milton has just released his first single ‘Once in a Lifetime.’ Photo: Supplied.

Reece makes his big break


While most of his Nelson school friends are planning to start heading off to university, Reece Milton is embarking on a five-year plan of his own – one that he hopes will make his musical dreams a reality.

Reece, 18, has just released his first single, ‘Once in a Lifetime’, along with an accompanying music video – all within a year of signing with local management agency, Studio Box Creative.

“I don’t think it’s fully hit me yet. This opportunity doesn’t happen that often. It is overwhelming.” It all started when Reece, who started getting into music at the age of 14, responded to an online songwriting competition run by Studio Box. The prize was to get a single professionally recorded and mastered. Reece came out the winner of the single/duo category.

“There wasn’t an expectation that the competition would end with a management contract,” his Studio Box manager, Jane Baken, says.

“But we saw potential for someone at the beginning of their career to help develop them.”

Jane says Reece is a guitar player “beyond his years” with a unique and prolific ability to write songs.

Reece describes his music as a mix between pop, rock and blues which sounds like John Mayer or Sean Mendez.

One recent reviewer said that one song sounded like an Ed Sheeran track. Jane is now rolling out a plan that will end with an album and a tour.

“It will take a lot of hard work, but we want him to be a recognizable New Zealand artist.”

Then the plan is to take Reece international. You can find Reece on all music platforms.