Joelle Noar and Kath Bee celebrate the release of their single, ‘I Love Life’. Photo: Kate Russell.

Joelle releases first single


Joelle Noar may only be 11-years-old but she’s already singing her way to fame – and loving life in the process.

The Broadgreen Intermediate student released her first single, ‘I Love Life’ last week, with some help from local award-winning children’s songwriter and performer Kath Bee and producer Doug Stenhouse.

Reminiscent of Letters to Cleo and Liz Phair, the pop/rock song is based on a letter Joelle wrote to herself five years ago when her older sister got angry – to which her mum Maxine explained: “She is a teenager and hates life.”

So, Joelle drew a picture reminding her older teenage self not to get angry, because she loved life.

Maxine posted the picture to Facebook and Kath saw it and asked if she could write a song about it.

“I loved her songs when I was little and she even came to my fifth birthday party,” says Joelle.

“We were never allowed to listen to anything else in the car,” adds Maxine.

Good things take time and Kath contacted Maxine earlier this year with the finished song and said that since Joelle inspired the song, she should be the one to sing it.

“As soon as I heard it, I got a bit emotional because it felt like Kath knew me. I was so excited to be able to sing it,” says Joelle.

The song was released on December 1 and is available on all platforms including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. A music video will be out in the new year.