Nic Foster has resigned from his position as general manager at Nelson Bays Football.

Football boss steps down


After 18 months in the role, Nelson Bays Football general manager Nic Foster is stepping down.

Nic has enjoyed a successful stint as general manger, helping increase overall playing numbers by 15 per cent.

However, he has cited frustrations which occur at amateur sport level as part of the reason for his decision.

“I have given 15 years to one of the sports I love. I have been a coach, a committee member, a president and a general manager of a region.  Whilst I have enjoyed the role there are always challenges in amateur sport that are incredibly frustrating.”

He says sports associations need to think regionally in accordance to federation strategic plans.

“Aligning Nelson with Mainland and NZ Football and delivering the best football services is our goal. Unfortunately, this doesn’t keep everybody happy and mitigating expectations of clubs, and sometimes parents, can be time consuming.”

He describes the football scene as “quite a political landscape” but says that might be true of all amateur sports.

“The region has some decisions to make regarding the national league and player development. Nelson Bays was traditionally set up as a satellite representative of Mainland to help deliver the community game.”

However, he says being handed a National League franchise has moved the goalposts.

“Whilst it is exciting to see some of the best players in New Zealand compete against Nelson players during the summer, the league does come with some big challenges.”

He says funding and sponsorship has been his main focus but there are some “changes in the wind”.

Nic says he wanted to make sure the football community could enjoy national league football for free.

He says having an A licence coach who lives in the region has been something he has worked on for nearly a year.

“It has been a fraught process and not everyone agreed , however change comes with collateral damage and the tough decisions work that way. Nic says sometimes you have to take the flak and politely ask people to ‘jog on’.

“I am leaving Nelson Bays Football in better shape and hopefully whoever takes over can build on what I have done for the future.”