Nelson College Dux Luke Garside with his parents Stephen and Diane Garside. Photo: Supplied.

Luke cracks code to top Nelson College


Nelson College student Luke Garside lived most kids’ nightmare for five years, studying at school under the watchful eyes of both parents.

Luke’s father, Stephen, is the school’s head of outdoor education, while his mother Diane teaches English, meaning there was little he could get away with.

“I know some kids hide or change their reports to their parents, but I could never do that.”

However, the extra accountability paid off big time as Luke was named the school’s Dux at prizegiving earlier this month.

“I’ve been working hard all my time at Nelson College.”

Luke won the Computer Digital, Calculus and Physics prizes as well as the Network Tasman Award for Science, Electronics, Business, the Fox River Scholarship for Computer Studies, the Atmore Memorial Scholarship for General and Academic Excellence and Dux.

The 17-year-old says his parents were a useful resource when required, though he was soon studying equations beyond both of their capabilities.

“I have mostly managed to avoid them; I did have my dad as a teacher for half a year, which wasn’t easy, but it’s nice to have them there.”

In 2019 Luke undertook physics, chemistry, calculus, computer studies and statistics while also doing ‘Math 109’ at Canterbury University.

He will sit eight exams in total over the next few weeks and will be studying up to six hours a day.

Luke says coding is his passion and he will study software engineering at Canterbury University in 2020.