Nelson's Nick Erasmuson is performing in Drag Up Your Life at the Theatre Royal on Saturday. Photo: Aden Meser.

Local actor returns for drag extravaganza


For Nelson actor Nick Erasmuson, putting on a hefty dose of makeup and becoming a drag goddess is a powerful feeling.

The 22-year-old former Garin College student, who is now based in Wellington, is bringing his show ‘Drag Up Your Life’ to the Theatre Royal this Saturday – a lip-sync extravaganza of classic songs and top 40 hits.

“I’m really excited. Last year we did a smaller show at Ghost Light Theatre and I pitched the idea for a bigger show at the Theatre Royal. I haven’t performed there in a long time – now I get to bring my drags.”

Nick, who goes by the name is ‘Eva Goodcoq’ on stage, first began performing as a teenager with the Nelson Youth Theatre Company.

“After college, I went to the UK to pursue musical theatre, which didn’t go so well. I came to Wellington for a change of pace and started going to different drag shows,” he says.

“It was something I wanted to try out. It looked fun and I hadn’t been performing in a while, so I decided to give it a go. Two years later, I’m still doing it.”

Nick says his favourite thing about drag is the freedom.

“There’s no rules with drag, you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.”

He describes Saturday’s performance as “a big show with great lip syncing and dancing, big glam group numbers and solos”.

“It’s a really diverse cast so there is something for everyone.”

The show is produced by international drag queen Kelly Fornia, who has been a key part of the New Zealand drag scene for the past four years.

Nicks says It’s a PG show, which means they are aiming to make it suitable for everyone to come along.

“Last time we were here a bunch of my old high school teachers came, so that was fun.”

Drag Up Your Life is on Saturday, 16 November, 7:30pm at the Theatre Royal. Tickets are available from TicketDirect.