Laché Melvin was named Nelson College for Girls Dux for 2019. Photo: Jonty Dine

Laché does ‘nerd squad’ proud


Laché Melvin is a self-confessed nerd. The 18-year old says she has always had a thirst for knowledge and enjoyed problem solving.

“I’ve always been really curious and picked things apart to figure out how they work, that’s just always how my brain has functioned.”

This intellectual curiosity saw her awarded Dux at Nelson College for Girls’ for 2019.

“My friends were the runners up, so it was so cool to have the nerd squad up on stage.”

She says it meant a lot to her family. “My nan was crying, and my brother ditched his prizegiving to come to mine, which was very sweet of him.”

Laché sat chemistry, physics, calculus, English and media studies during her final year at school.

She says she was privileged to have some “amazing” teachers, friends and parents supporting her journey.

“I should divide this medal up and give it to them.”

However, it wasn’t all textbooks and tests during her time at college. Laché is also a keen rower and a dancer.

“I like to put my foot wherever I can squeeze it.”

Unfortunately, Laché’s hectic schedule eventually led to burn out.

“I got chronic fatigue last year, I had to quit rowing because I physically couldn’t keep up.”

It didn’t take her long to bounce back though, and she soon took up a position as a rowing coach.

“I slept a lot, but I got through it.”

Laché was also heavily involved in the school’s extracurricular groups including the enviro group and GALS (Girls Alliance of LGBTQ and Straights).

“I love being able to make it a safer space for students, which means a lot.”

Laché is taking an unconventional post college path, opting for a four month ‘bootcamp’.

“I am doing a software development bootcamp in Wellington, it is very industry focused.”

She says, though she doesn’t have a dream job in mind, she knows she wants it to involve solving complex problems.

“I’m just really excited to get out there and start doing life.”