Emily Olthof shaved her head for cancer at Nayland Primary last week. Photos: Jonty Dine.

Emily loses locks for leukaemia


Emily Olthof felt a slew of emotions as the 11-year-old watched her long brown hair fall to the ground last Wednesday.


The Nayland Primary student opted to shave her head and raise funds for patient support programmes and cancer research.

Emily managed to raise more than $2000 as she lost her hair in front of family and friends.

She began to shed tears when the hairdressers began to lop off her locks.

“It was a mix of happy, scared and excited.”


Upon revealing her new look to her classmates, comparisons to Katy Perry were drawn.

“They are saying I look nice,” she said. “It’s a bit of a change, it feels different, I can’t feel any hair on my neck.”

An overwhelmed Emily was a bit lost for words following the transformation but had no regrets.

“I do not know anyone with leukaemia, and I have not lost anyone to cancer. I just want to do some good and support others in need.”