FENZ assistant area commander William Pike says fireworks use post-Guy Fawkes is a real concern. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Don’t hoard fireworks


With Guy Fawkes having come and gone Fire and Emergency NZ have a clear message; don’t hoard them and use them throughout the year.

FENZ assistant area commander William Pike says post-Guy Fawkes activity is a real concern as this week is when they are prepared and ready with extra resources.

“We are really concerned that if you hoard them and they’re used during New Year celebrations, for example, that is when our risk would be higher.

“The key message from us is don’t light fireworks in windy or dry conditions, light them in a wide, open, green area and light them in a bucket of sand.”

He says his personal opinion on fireworks, after 33 years in the organisation, is “I don’t like them”.

“This is just an ongoing issue that we encounter, lighting them after the night; It’s one of our areas that we’re really concerned about.

He says the impact to animals and pets is also one of his personal concerns.

William says he’s confident in the ability on FENZ staff to deal with incidents, but the rest is up to individuals to “show some common sense”.