Erosion at Tahunanui’s back beach after last week’s king tide. Photo: Kate Russell.

Tahuna back beach dunes eroded after king tide


A king tide in Nelson last week left some dog walkers high and dry at Tahunanui’s back beach, with some of the sand dunes being “significantly” eroded.

According to NIWA’s storm-tide alert schedule, Nelson was on “red alert” for high tides between 27 September and 4 October.

Also known as high perigean-spring tides, they peak one or two days after a new or full moon when the moon is in its perigee.

NIWA scientist Scott Stephens told Nelson Weekly that last Monday’s mixture of a king tide with strong winds would have caused the erosion at the back beach.

“When you get a king tide and that wind blowing onshore, the waves can attack the dunes at a higher level.”

The king tide also caused some low-lying flooding in Monaco and the city centre.

Nelson City Council’s group manager of community services, Roger Ball, says they are monitoring the erosion at the back beach closely.

“This spring high tides have caused significant erosion to Tahunanui back beach. To help ensure everyone’s safety, please stay well away from the sand cliffs created by these high tides.

“Council will be removing two trees that are at risk of toppling, and will investigate what further actions might be necessary once the high tides have passed.”