Election hoardings have been dominating Nelson's streets for the past few weeks.

Election sign complaints fizzle


Cardboard cut-outs of council candidates have been invading our daily commute for weeks now, but which ones are illegal and if so, what can be done about it?

Nelson City Council have so far received 30 complaints about election signs ranging from candidates having too many signs to having lettering which is too small.

“We are reluctant to provide specific details of complaints as many of the signs complained about are still under investigation and likely to be perfectly legal,” says a council spokesperson.

“There have been a number of non-compliant signs where lettering is below size, sign size is too big, there are too many signs (more than 10 per candidate) and signs are placed on a road reserve.”

The spokesperson says all candidates are made aware of the sign requirements with rules contained in the Nelson Resource Management Plan.

They say last election more than 50 hours of officer time was spent following up and managing election sign issues.

Council says any person that breaches a plan rule is committing an offence against the Resource Management Act 1991.

The punishments for breaching the RMA can be formal or informal and can include informal education options, infringement or abatement notices, enforcement orders and/or prosecution.

Non-complaint signs on council-controlled land can be removed by council officers without notice.