Brothers Te Kani Gordon (12) and Sayian Gordon (11) are Nelson Weekly’s deliverers of the month. Photo: Kate Russell.

Brothers on bikes earn delivery praise


Brothers Te Kani and Sayian Gordon were unaware their dad signed them up for a Nelson Weekly paper run earlier this year – but it turns out they are pretty good at it.

The Nelson Intermediate School students were nominated as the newspaper’s deliverers of the month by Tahunanui readers John and Kaye Young.

“They saw we were indisposed on two occasions and brought the paper right to our door with cheerful chat and greetings. Nice boy, great service,” they wrote to the Weekly.

Te Kani, 12 and Sayian, 11, both do runs in central Tahunanui around the Beach Rd and school area.

The process begins on Wednesdays after school where the boys get their hands “very black” folding the papers, which takes them between 45 minutes to one hour.

They then spend about two hours out delivering, rain or shine, and are home by dark.

And although they both have the same amount of papers to deliver, Te Kani’s area is a bit more spread out.

“I usually finish first and then come and help him finish,” says Sayian.

The boys say they are enjoying earning some money.

“Each week we put five dollars into savings and then we can spend the rest,” says Sayian.

For their efforts, the boys both received a movie voucher for Nelson’s State Cinema. If you would like to nominate your Nelson Weekly deliverer, email [email protected]