Nelson College for Girls students Freya High and Sarah Cools with honey jars their envirogroup created. Photo: Jonty Dine.

NCG honey proves a sweet hit


Nelson College for Girls students Freya High and Sarah Cools planned to spend the most of last week selling jars of honey at lunchtime.

However, the homegrown honey proved so popular it sold out in less than an hour.

The girls sold almost 40 jars from the 20kg of honey produced from the school’s two beehives.

Sarah says she was surprised at how quickly the jars went out the door.

The initiative was the latest project from the school’s envirogroup.

Funds raised from the sales will be put back into envirogroup projects with a strong focus of conservationism.

Freya says there were a number of surprising lessons during the process.

“The honey was really hard to get in jars, we bent and broke a lot of spoons.”

She says it took ‘more than two lunchtimes to get it all into jars, which were all donated by students.

But not before giving it the seal of approval with their own taste test.

“We tried some and it was really good.”

Deputy head girl Emma Edwards says there was real life learning.

“We have learned about how we can help support the ecosystem around our school and also the positive impact that bees have on our environment. This project as a whole has taught us about sustainability in the fact that the wrappers, hives and honey all work together and allow each other to keep happening- without one of these smaller initiatives, the other two would not be able to happen.”