Jesse Merrell and Patty Baker were the lucky recipients of a pair of Shane Cameron gloves. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Mountain Warrior gives back to Victory


With a memorable career inside the ring, former New Zealand heavyweight champion Shane Cameron is now looking to leave his mark outside it with the next generation of fighters.

The Mountain Warrior knows firsthand how cost can be a major barrier for young boxers pursuing the sport.

So, to help alleviate some of that financial stress, Shane has donated 50 pairs of his Counterpunch brand gloves to promising fighters around the country.

Victory Boxing members Jesse Merrell 9, and Patty Baker 14, were two lucky recipients of a brand-new pair of gloves.

Boxing is a family tradition for Patty, and he wants to be a professional and says he was somewhat star-struck when he met and trained with Shane.

“He had a lot of knowledge which he shared with me.”

Patty says he has watched plenty of footage of Shane’s fighting career.

“It’s pretty impressive, I definitely look up to him.”

Jesse has a hard time with school and boxing is an outlet for him.

His father says Jesse is simply addicted to the sport.

Jesse says the new gloves are amazing and he was excited to get punching as he chases his dream of a career in the UFC.

Victory Boxing founder Paul Hampton says the young boxers were worthy winners.

“They are very committed and have great support from their parents.”

Paul says the glove giveaway is an incredible initiative.

“Shane had a great career and it’s a credit to him to be giving back.”